Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have been blessed to have been born and raised in New England. No place else can you see the seasons change so beautifully, walk among so much of our country’s history, eat AMAZING seafood and breathe in that salty sea air. The one blight for me is the winter blues or more formally called, seasonal affective disorder. It’s hard to feel motivated and happy when there is so little daylight outside, you’re constantly cold and the snow makes everything look grey and dirty. Winter is my least favorite season, and snow my mortal enemy (thus the basis for my southern college education).

ALAS! I have reluctantly made my way back to the chilly north, and am dealing with the lovely shades of depression that typically accompany snow storms and Netflix binges. So, in an effort to add more positivity to my life here are some things I’ve been doing to get me out of my funk.


Most people think that as a future librarian, that I must read ALL the time. Fact: I’m so busy with classes and work I can never get past the first half of a book. Sitting in front of a computer can be draining and make me feel even worse. Picking up a good book (or TWO or THREE) helps alleviate some of the winter gloom. Here is my current read…



Orange juice in the morning helps put me in a sunny state of mind! I close my eyes and can see warmer weather around the corner. I eat grapefruit more often in January than I do any other month of the year. Juice=Lilly Pulitzer=Summer Fun!


I buy all of my swimsuits in the middle of winter for two reasons: 1) They are the cheapest when snow is on the ground and usually there are splendid sales going on 2) Opening that package and putting it on just makes me feel instantly better even if I know I’m not going to wear it for a while, it’s a nice reminder of sunnier days ahead.


I love taking a nice bath, drinking some wine and reading all my magazines. There is something so relaxing about all of those things, that when combined together create an experience like no other. It’s hard not to be happy when basking in in bubbles!

How do you banish winter blues?!

xoxo B


5 thoughts on “Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. I like to do art projects, write, eat chili with a dollop of yogurt finished with some hot chocolate, go sledding, clean out my closets, write, call friends, catch up with family, play games with my kiddies, give thanks for shelter and chocolate, stop for ice cream and pretend it’s summer, wear a down coat and read as much as I can. Winter is a good time for poetry, especially rhyming, silly poetry. A bathing suit in winter? You’d have to shoot me and stuff me first. LOL

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