Sunday in Quotations


I’m not one of those people who deeply believes in horoscopes, but to some extent I think they ring true. I am a Cancer, the water sign associated with home and comfort, children and stability. While I enjoy adventure, I don’t ever crave it to the extent some of my travel weary peers do. I like the comforts of home where I have everything in it’s place and the people I love near. I’m constantly being told by society and others that because I’m young I should travel and be spontaneous! Go out and see the world! That’s not me though. I have responsibilities like school, work and student loans. I am constantly reminding myself that just because everyone else is traveling and doing exciting things, doesn’t mean that I am missing out or not meeting the typical expectations of a “20-Something”. There is nothing wrong with working to pay my loans so I can be financially unburdened, but there is also nothing wrong with deferring the job search to join the Peace Corps for a year! Do whatever makes you most happy!

So to all my home-bodied friends out there…keep living the calm life!

xoxo B

P.S. I originally found this on Pinterest, but it’s actually a REALLY awesome print that you can buy here! I always try and link back to the original artist.


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