25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

I like coming up with lists. They make me feel organized and the empowering feeling of finally checking off something is probably one of my favorite things to do. Very rarely did I make goal lists, because when I was in college my goals were always tied to my degree, and in high school, tied to college. Sure, I had personal goals (drink more milk, wake up earlier, go to the gym more), but I never made any deadlines to meet them. After graduating college, and moving back home I felt lost. I wasn’t surrounded by sorority sisters and friends, my life was empty of classes, work, and social obligations. I have a lot of free time, even now that I’m finally in graduate school and working part-time. At first I saw this upcoming year and a half as a social stalemate. I burned all my bridges in high school, and those from my past I still called close friends, were close in my heart, and far in physical distance. Lord, the thought of trying to date while living at home gave me so much anxiety, I just took it off the table altogether! So I decided to focus on me. I am going to do things that enrich my life, change it, or make me see it in a different light. I will admit that not everything on my list makes sense (or is a sensible idea), but there is a personal reason behind everything. By having the list on my blog hopefully I can work harder at checking some things off!

1. Go to the movies by myself.

2. Get a dog.

3. Travel West of the Mississippi

4. Go on a “real” date (dinner somewhere NOT the dining hall)

5. Live alone.

6. Ride on the back of a motorcycle.

7. Completely unplug for 24 hours (NO TECHNOLOGY AT ALL)

8. Get a tattoo

9. Have a one night stand

10. Write a book/short story

11. Take horseback riding lessons.

12. Run a half marathon.

13. Learn to shoot a gun

14. Take my parents out to dinner and pay the check.

15. Skydiving.

16. Go fishing

17. Learn to drive stick shift.

18. Have a blog (for at least a year!)

19. Go to a multi-day music festival

20. Camp out of a backpack for a week.

21.Gamble at a casino

22. Road trip with friends.

23. Order a martini at the bar.

24. Wake up someplace unfamiliar

25. Travel to Europe (again).

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xoxo B


2 thoughts on “25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

  1. I’eve made my own 2014 bucket list and I’m enjoying reading others!
    I love your list!! I almost put going to the movies alone on there but then chickened out. Yes, I have issues with solidarity! Hopefully I can get through those this year too.
    I have been wanting to get a gun permit for years now but backed out of that one too! lol
    Good luck on your list! Are you close to 25?

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