Strong Brows

I have always been a fan of the strong eyebrow, it just radiates this air of confidence and old-school sex appeal.

Elizabeth Taylor anyone?!


I’m so excited that it has come back in and I sincerely hope it never leaves! The older I get the less makeup I like to wear, because it can be such a hassle. I never leave the house without doing my brows though! Your eyes are “the window to your soul” (cheesiest pickup line…ever), and the eyebrows are the frames that help accentuate that. These are some of my favorite well-browed ladies.


Cara Delevingne

eyebrows lily collins

Lilly Collins


Camilla Belle

I personally like to use powder on my brows AND a pencil, I think it adds a great dimension and a multi tonal effect that really stands out, looks natural and lasts long. There is a constant debate back and forth whether to do a shade lighter or darker than your hair color. I go darker because I have really dark brown hair but going one shade lighter is always a safe choice. Mac Brun is a really great shade for almost anyone, I know Bobbi Brown has some great products and of course Anastasia Beverly Hills is probably the most reliable expert out there on brows. It really is a trial and error process to figure out what works, but I’d encourage you to stop by any Ulta or Sephora and ask a makeup artist what their opinion is!

Oh and the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me…


xoxo B


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