Daily Rituals

I am a total creature of habit and any change in schedule throws me for a loop! Recently because of my job’s crazy scheduling I’ve had to learn to adjust and try and keep some semblance of ritual to my day. Change is good and I’ll be the first to admit that living out of habit, instead of intention is not the best way to live your life, but there are some habits that regardless of where you are in life are great to keep!

1. Make My Bed Every Morning: I used to LOATHE this chore when I was younger, but now I feel weird if I haven’t made my bed. It forces me to get up earlier so that I have time to do it, but also I am less tempted to go back to bed, especially on  my days off. Even if I do nothing except binge-watch Netflix all day, I still feel accomplished when my sheets are neatly folded. Also, nothing compares to the feeling of getting into a crisp bed at the end of a long day.

2. Wash My Face: Every morning and night. Sleeping in my makeup was something that defined my high-school and early college years, but then I learned the hard way the importance of good skincare. Every woman wants to age gracefully and look her best, and that first step is crucial to having beautiful skin. Makeup goes on better in the morning with a fresh face, and taking makeup off at night can go a long way in saving not only your skin, but your pillowcases!

3. Tea Before Bed: I am that girl in the One Direction song Little Things “who can’t go to bed without her cup of tea…”. Sleepytime tea by Celestial Seasonings is my absolute favorite! I always like to unplug from technology before bed, so I read, drink my tea and fall asleep usually with the book on my face…

4. Journaling: I have this lovely Jane Austen, One-Line-A-Day, Five Year journal that my brother gave me for Christmas. I’ve tried keeping journals in the past and it never really worked. I like this one because one line is enough for me to reflect and I really like how I can look back and see what I was thinking on any given day for the next five years.

What are some of your habits? Do you think keeping habits are good or bad for you?


xoxo B


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