Great White North

As the daughter of a native Mainer, and a former Girl Scout I can say without hesitation that plaid flannel is in my top five most favorite things. I’ve put together a look that incorporates my love of flannel, but adds a rocker edge. Plaid as a print can generally come across as preppy (which I fully admit is my style 90% of the time), but every once and a while I like to spice things up and get trendy…step out of my comfort zone and be bold!


A classic L. L. Bean flannel….

1969 always skinny black jeans - black

My absolute favorite pair of jeans in slimming black


A lumberjack styled outfit wouldn’t be complete without a little sherpa lining


A cute and simple suede bootie to cap off the rocker woodsman feel


and of course some classic Ray-Bans!

Enjoy a trek through the woods, or a trek downtown in this simple outfit!


xoxo B


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