Bar Carts: Part I-Books

Bar carts are the best invention since Nutella (which is saying a lot because Nutella is AMAZING!)

But I have to admit that the prospect of having a bar cart and decorating it sounds more fun than making the actual drinks. I have no idea how to make a cocktail that involves more than three things (Gin & Tonic with extra lime-check!) or has bottom shelf vodka and crystal light somewhere in the mix (thanks college!).

So along with all my bar cart inspiration I’ve wrangled up some cocktail books that look informative (and of course, pretty!) Resolution: learn to make the classics (i.e. Manhattan, martini, etc.)

Hopefully these will help!

41FLJtld7pL 9780470882337_p0_v1_s260x420 9781849754378_2 p182vge8ddmae14hh12rl2gn3bn1 purvis_bourbon-196x300 Shake_Cover_1024x1024.png?v=1381712525 storied-sips-cover Vintage-Cocktails-book-cover-straight-on1 winter_cocktails_72dpi yhst-30868769906465_2272_28238279

41XpnW47liL savoycocktailbook


xoxo B


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