Home Sweet Home

I currently live at home.

As in my childhood home. In the same room I spent my angst ridden middle school years in wearing too much black eyeliner and listening to too much Avril Lavigne (admit it, you went through that phase too…).

It made sense at the time; for grad school purposes I needed an in-state address, and since I went directly from undergrad to graduate, it was the logical decision. Live at home, save money, pay the loans….

and climb up the walls EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I love my parents, and they love me, but after so much time being independent in college, living at home and being accountable to someone else is a hard pill to swallow. I know it won’t last forever and I am constantly dreaming of the day when I can get a nice little apartment near a city, with my best friend and sister, Colleen. I yearn to buy a couch, hang curtains…paint walls. Make someplace my own. I thoroughly enjoy interior decorating and I can’t wait to start filling MY home with beautiful things.

Until then I’ll just keep trolling the internet and Pinterest for inspiration….here are some of my current favorites!

Living Rooms



red-and-white-iphoto40lgTraciBedroom 025


1ea2e3a2c72a69c76fe37390937360bb 6a00d83451cf8769e2017ee7fdee70970d organized-desk-recently-1.jpg?w=584&h=743




1p1 beautiful-dining-room transitional-dining-room

*Click on the pictures for links!

And here are some of my favorite places to (window) shop!

// West Elm // Anthropologie Home // Waiting On Martha // Wisteria // Crate & Barrel // 
Restoration Hardware //
// Pottery Barn // Furbish Studio // Urban Outfitters // terrain // Design Within Reach  // Ikea // Ivy & Vine

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