Sunday in Quotations


So I’m obviously really bad at posting my Sunday in Quotations on Sunday. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the city and am wrapped up in the excitement of being out and about!

I loved this image so much that I made it the lock screen to my iPhone! Sometimes we all need that reminder to take chances in life; with opportunities, people, food, clothes…ANYTHING! Taking changes can sometimes lead to mistakes, which is why we are so afraid of putting ourselves out there, or wearing red lipstick (I still struggle with this). Recently I went on a date with a guy from Tinder (the absolute lowest of low dating/hookup apps out there). I decided the worst that could happen is he would be super creepy and I would get a free meal at a nice restaurant. He seemed nice over text, I did a Sherlock worthy Google search and just decided to take a chance. I’m so happy I did, because he is one of the nicest guys I have met and even if a relationship doesn’t pan out, I will have made an amazing friend in the process. I was so scared of dating while living at home and meeting new people since I wasn’t surrounded by the security blanket of my sorority. I took a chance by going to school in the South, I took a chance during sorority rush and I just had to remember that those big chances I took, were some of the best decisions of my life and that everything always turns out for the better!

Take chances, that shade of red looks great on you!

xoxo B


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Quotations

  1. Love this! On the red lipstick though — I LOVE bold lip colors on other people, but any time I even wear a highly pigmented lipgloss, I spend the entire night wondering if it still looks normal/good. I still love them though, I guess I’ll have to start carrying around a hand mirror so I don’t go insane!

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