Well my resolution of starting a blog and sticking with it….it didn’t work out so well. As my dad likes to say “Life is the shit that happens when you’re making plans”.

Classes started. Along with a new relationship. And stress. And lack of sleep.

I did stick to my resolution to go to the gym more, but it just seems like I couldn’t balance all of those things on top of a blog as well. I never started this to be famous (like many young 20-Somethings do), or really to take it seriously. I wanted it to be an outlet for the thoughts about fashion and food and a multitude of other random-ness that flits throughout my mind. Balance and I are close friends, but sometimes we have fights. Sometimes I have to choose what is most important to me. A blog just for fun, or spending the weekend with le boy (obviously I’ve chosen the latter).

I’m constantly torn between my love of technology and my generation’s attachment to it. While I love scouring the internet for recipes or pictures of cute bar carts, I’d much rather be out on a brewery tour, or a walk in the park. The worst part of my attachment to technology is that for school I HAVE to be attached. My classes are all online and so I spend a large chunk of my free time reading online articles, posting for discussion boards and checking my email. At the end of the day the last thing I want to do is spend more time on my laptop blogging, after being on it all day for class.

So this is less of an apology to those of you that might follow me, and more of a diary entry about my current love/hate relationship with technology. I will admit it bother me though, not being punctual and consistent. I liked the thought of being regular with my posts but I’ve also learned through this, that sometimes it’s okay to let things go. To adjust and make room for different priorities that come along.

So when this popped up on Pinterest the other day, the words really spoke to me.


I spent so much of college focusing on getting good grades, and looking for a job, trying to plan and worry and stress over the future. I was one of those people with a five-year plan. I had checklists. It wasn’t until I joined my sorority that I started to loosen up, and even then it was hard for me sometimes. My senior year was filled with anxiety, panic attacks and fear. I had a career crisis. The plan was ceremonially¬†burned.

Through this I have learned to let it go. To live life not for the numbers. Not for the GPA. Not the weight on the scale. Not for all those silly articles about what “You ABSOLUTELY MUST MUST MUST Do In Your 20’s OR YOU WILL SERIOUSLY REGRET IT!!” (if you couldn’t tell I’m not a huge fan of those articles). I’m not saying throw the “plan” out the window, because of course it’s always nice to have a general idea where you are going to be career wise, but it’s also a great feeling to just take it one step at a time.

And most importantly step away from the screens every once in a while!

xoxo B


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