Wish List

So I’m currently lusting after quite a few things, some are practical others…not so much. I’ve been holding out on buying anything recently because of my Spring Break trip back to my alma mater and student loan payments coming in (yuck!). Hopefully when the weather starts to warm up and there is a little more cushion in my bank account I can splurge on myself!


I have these C. Wonder driving mocs, and I ordered them a little large, so they have gotten quite torn up with all my shuffling. I think these leather ones are perfect to replace them, and the color is a little more versatile in my wardrobe.

1969 always skinny black jeans - black

These are my absolute FAVORITE jeans. I have like four pairs of the dark wash because Gap’s short, really is short and just perfect for me. I’ve been draw to black jeans because I can wear them to work, but also dress them up for going out on the weekend. My biggest issue is that I’m afraid they will fade horribly and not last as long. So if anyone has any recommendations for good mid-priced black jeans that keep color well, I would love to hear it!


I have loved Converse All-Star’s since my terrible “punk phase” in middle school. I just think the white ones are so classic and crisp, a little like a Keds sneaker, but more sturdier for city walking. Of course, white +Boston+Spring+melting snow=gross. So I might hold off on buying these beauties until after the mud season.


I received Modern Muse by Estee Lauder for Christmas, and now I’m eying this fragrance. I just love the smell, there is something so fresh and spring-like about it that I really love!


I’ve always heard the lure of the maxi dress, yet every time I’ve tried one on, it was too long. Then I would get depressed and give up on the idea altogether.  Now that Victoria’s Secret has this beauty in two size (AND ON SALE!) I might be willing to give the maxi another chance. Now the real struggle is navy (my favorite color), or go with something a little more daring and do green……decisions.


I’ve been coveting a trench coat forever. It’s timeless, classic and a necessary staple in any woman’s wardrobe. I’ve been looking for one that is streamlined and has the classic shape, the perfect color of tan and not too long, not too short. For some reason I couldn’t find one that I liked at all. I have no idea why I never thought of London Fog, since trench coats and rainy day gear are what they are known for. I can’t wait to add this to my wardrobe, where I know it will be for years to come!

Anything on your spring wish list?

xoxo B


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