Sunday in Quotations

So here we are again! Back to the usual (somewhat) scheduling of my blog!


So I really started to feel this quote the week my brother came home from spring break. Everything he talked about regarding college seemed so foreign and far away. As if it had been another world, not just in May that I graduated. The worst part came when I went back to my alma mater for MY spring break from grad school. It was weird to say the least. I walked into our commons and felt like I knew no one. I looked at the girls sitting at my sorority’s table and half of them I know only through social media stalking. I felt as if my life had all of a sudden jumped lightyears ahead of theirs instead of less than a year. It reminded me that it’s not the places that change, but YOU who changes. It’s not necessarily growing old, but growing into one’s self. I feel the older and older I get, the more I become the person I imagined myself being and that aging is a GOOD thing, not something to be feared.

xoxo B


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