Tech Envy

So I have had my iPhone 4 for a very long time. I passed over the 4s upgrade thinking that a 5 would come out and I would want it. And I do. I’m just lazy and don’t want to go to the Apple store, and I keep spending my money on clothes that I forget about the phone. I hasn’t really bothered me until I went to go look for a new case for my phone. IT IS SO HARD! I can’t find any cases that fit 4/4s that I like. They are all either super bling-ed out or not pretty. Which sounds weird, but I like my phone cases to be functional AND pretty. They are a reflection of my style just as much as my shoes, or bag so I want them to reflect me. Of course everyone is transitioning to the 5 and I will probably have to succumb sooner or later. So I found some cute cases online in preparation for that moment. Whenever it may be.


Literary Glasses-Kate Spade New York



Nautical Rope & Anchor Monogram-Zazzle



Tortoise Shell-Tickled Seahorse

(AND you can add a monogram!)


Camel Brown-J.Crew Factory

(this image is from the regular J.Crew, but they are virtually the same)


Men’s Leather Case-J.Crew

(who said boys things are just for boys?!)


Girls in Glasses-Pencil Shavings Studio: Etsy


Crystal Agate-Julia Kostreva 

Which is your favorite?!

xoxo B


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