What I’m Loving-Series

At first I was going to post this on my library blog, but to be honest I’m trying to keep it exclusively for school. Right now I need a healthy school/personal life separation, even if that means starting small.

I’m trying to read more. Which  coming out of a librarian’s mouth is hilarious. When I do read, it’s typically children’s books. My dream is to become a children’s librarian, and I eat up (figuratively speaking) every single kids book that comes across my lap.

So I decided to start doing a series of lists about the kid’s books I love.

To start us off, my favorite series!

PicMonkey Collage

Ladybug Girl by Jackie Davis

I love this series based on Lulu, aka Ladybug Girl. The drawing of the character reminds me of myself and one of my sorority’s symbols was a ladybug. She is precocious, loving, independent, but still has a lot to learn. Her books also happen to be glittery! I’m starting to like this girl series better than Fancy Nancy and Eloise (although I will always love them!) because she is very real and down to earth. If you know of any spunky little girls in your life, I suggest picking this one, or any of the other great titles in this series!

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Bear Snores On is just one of a handful of books by this author featuring the lovable Bear and his friends. All of the stories have a message and are great for younger children. With themes such as new friends, sickness, and being scared, these book are great for the young learner. I have a soft spot for books with animal characters (as you can tell, only one of my favorites has a human character) and the way Bear is illustrated makes him come alive with warmth and friendship.

Duck & Goose by Tad Hills

Again, animals. What can I say?! They are too cute for words. Duck & Goose is great because it is based  on the often times tenuous friendship between two polar opposites. This is another book that is great for younger readers, or to be read to young children. Simple, bright illustrations make these lovable friends any great addition to your bookshelf and there are plenty to choose from!

Olivia by Ian Falconer

Olivia is a combination between Eloise, and Fancy Nancy all rolled up in a pig. She is a big dreamer, who happens to be a sassy piggie. She loves being different and standing out, her family and travel. Olivia has been made into a huge franchise so there is no shortage of Olivia swag and books to add to any young child’s room.

Toot & Puddle by Holly Hoobie

The illustrations really are what made me fall in love with this series (which also happens to now be a TV show). I also LOVE pigs. They are more adorable in print than real life though. This series follows two best friends, Toot and Puddle during their adventures inside and out of their home Woodcock Pocket. They have two differing personalities, the homebody and adventurer, with an adorable niece Opal who makes some appearances and stars in books all her own. I love their friendship which is very real and loving, as well as Holly Hobbie’s nod to New England and the beautiful change of seasons around us.

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo B


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