Begin Again

“Come said the leaves to the

wind one day,

Come o’re the meadows and

we will play.

Put on your dresses scarlet and gold,

For summer is gone and

the days grow cold ”

-George Eliot


Sitting in my bedroom on this sweltering Labor Day it doesn’t seem like fall is coming anytime soon, but in New England she is a temperamental mistress. You’ll wake up one morning and find the need for flannel sheets and wool socks happened overnight.

I love fall. It is my favorite season because it means new beginnings. Regardless of whether its first grade or my last semester of grad school the autumn has always brought with it the promise of a fresh start.


And football of course.

This fall seems more like an end for me as I come to the final chapters of grad school and plunge into the job hunt come December. I’ll be swamped with work, tutoring, an internship and two higher level classes. Sometimes I feel extremely overwhelmed. What I have learned over the years is 1) stop saying yes 2) don’t compromise on what is important. It’s a mantra that I have to tell myself everyday, but hopefully one day it will sink in.

I have come up with some nonnegotiables that in the past year I have realized are extremely important to me:

-sleep 7x hours a night

-gym or running 2/3x per week

-1 hour of unplugged “me” time a day

-write/call friends on a regular basis

-leave work at work

-limit schoolwork to weekday (my biggest struggle)

All of these things make me happy, healthy and stress less. It has improved all my relationships and brought me closer to the people I care most about in life. It’s been really hard as a former type-A, straight-laced student to learn that it’s OKAY not to do all of the required reading. To give maybe 95% effort on that project that will get me a good grade, and spend that 5% of time pounding the pavement. Numbers and letters are not defining aspects of a person, but your ethics, hard-work and dedication are.

socks tumblr_msz4grM43a1qflio9o1_400

I’m trying really hard to blog more for me. It’s a journal and an escape, a place to pull together my thoughts, but also the ideas that float around in my head all the time. I want it to be less of an afterthought. So fall is my new beginning to do just that!

xoxo B






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