My Favorites: Drugstore Beauty

Some people are lured into the Target bullseye. I’m suckered into CVS.

I college it was the easiest place to go because it was a mile away.


I didn’t have a car until senior year so if I couldn’t walk there without fear of death or breaking a sweat it was too far. I would buy groceries, pick up my prescription, read Bride’s magazines and buy far too many beauty products. I became a drugstore connoisseur  of the obscure, well-known, foreign and domestic.

Drugstores always get a bad rap, but in reality they hide some wonderful gems. I am picky about my makeup and have very sensitive skin, so I usually stick to my tried and true brands. Most of my CVS purchases are skin related.

1. Nivea Creme is the salvation of my dry librarian hands. I use it every night before bed because it can be really greasy, but it is a lifesaver. Also a little goes a long way, so one jar can last for months. That is if your boyfriend, mom, brother, dad, or best friend doesn’t pilfer it.

2. I use the Ardell Brow Shapers for little spots around my eyebrows, but also on my upper-lip. The blight of many dark-haired ladies, I personally found that waxing didn’t work well. This is easy to use at home and does the job fantastically.

3. This was a chance encounter with a coupon and a curiosity about BB cremes. I have used others in the past, but I stick with this as my base. It has SPF 15, is light, gives me great moisture, and they recently re-did the scent and it is heavenly! Sometimes I’ll layer this under another BB cream if I want more coverage, but overall this is my makeup workhorse.

4. If you are skeptical about Bio-Oil don’t be. It is one of the more pricier items on here, but well worth every penny. I use it in the winter when my skin is really dry, on old stretch marks and scars to help soften them. I sometimes use it on my face to help combat redness and even out my skin tone. It is amazing. It really and truly is a great product that can be used in multiple ways.

5. I’m sure some of you are looking at me an wondering if I’ve lost my mind, but give me five seconds. I often don’t have time to put on lotion and wait for it to dry after I shave, but when I don’t use lotion my skin flakes my skin and I have terrible razor burn. I needed something better. My brother left his bottle at home and out of curiosity I tried it. HOLY CROW WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?! I use it on my legs, and underarms, as well as my bikini line. My skin is soft, my shaves last much longer and I’m not in agony over an itchy red rash. Pure magic in a bottle. You might smell like a man for a little bit, but in my opinion there are wore things to smell like.

6. I have some dark spots and scars from various battles with asphalt, mosquitoes, bikes and acne. This is a great fade cream to help me lighten those little discolorations. I also use it on my underarms because I have dark skin there that I’ve always been self-conscious of. It works well, just wash your hands after, or you’ll have white hands!

7. BEST EYE MAKEUP REMOVER EVER. Really. A small bit on a cotton round and I can get both my eyes done in one or two swipes. It’s gentle, safe on my skin and highly effective. CVS also makes a generic brand that works exactly the same. *Hint Hint It takes sharpie X’s off the back of hands, after college frat parties really easy*

8. What can I say about Great Lash that hasn’t been said already. If I don’t do anything else with my eyes, mascara is it. This works great, is a reasonable price for something that I use in multiple coats on a daily basis and the formula rarely changes. I like consistency in my makeup and I appreciate a product that stays the same.

I hope you enjoy some of my recommendations. I always love reading other people’s makeup and beauty reviews because sometimes you stumble upon something wonderful you never even knew you needed! What are some of your favorite drugstore products? Let me know!


xoxo B


I was not compensated for any of these endorsements, the opinions are my own because theses are products I love!


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