101 in 1001 Days


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I’ve been following Mackenzie Horan’s Design Darling blog ever since I stumbled upon her boutique shop. I’ve thrown around the idea of doing the 101 in 1001 day list for a while, but it never seemed like the right time. With the end of grad school approaching with the closing of the new year, and my head-long jump into the professional world, I felt that I could finally commit my time and energy to a project like this. I like the idea of having a personal challenge for myself, after the challenges of my academic life are completed. At first I thought it would be really hard to come up with 101 things, but before I knew it I was creating a draft for a future second list! I can’t wait to get started and see how far I can go!

Start Date: December 1st, 2014

End Date: August 30th, 2017

 1. Come up with 101 things (December 2014)

2. Go to the Boston Ballet

3. Visit three museums (1/3 MFA Boston)

4. Visit Martha’s Vineyard (July 2015)

5. Visit Walden Pond

6. Visit Nantucket

7. Visit someplace west of the Mississippi River

8. Go on three wine tastings (1/3)

9. Eat at a food truck (July 2015)

10. Send my best friends flowers randomly

11. Finish writing my children’s book.

12. Go ice skating at the Frog Pond

13. Run a half-marathon

14. Go a month without shopping

15. Find a yoga class I like and go once a week

16. Go a month without Starbucks (coffee + food) (February 2015)

17. Live in my own apartment (July 2015)

18. Go out to dinner by myself

19. Go fishing

20. Learn how to play chess, and win a game (1/2-learned how to play)

21. Go to the movies by myself

22. Wear red lipstick one day a week for a month

23. Unplug from all technology for 24 hours

24. Go skydiving

25. Take my parents out to dinner and pay the check.

26. Learn to drive stick shift

27. Gamble at a casino

28. Call my brother once a week for a month

29. Weed through my closet, sell stuff to consignment and donate the rest. (June 2015)

30. Try twelve new restaurants in Boston (1/12)

31. Send fifty handwritten notes to friends and family (thank-you’s DON’T count) (4/50)

32. Find a church I like and go to service every Sunday for a month

33. Give out my business card to twenty people (6/20)

34. Build a professional wardrobe I am proud and confident in.

35. Ride on a sailboat.

36. Send out Christmas cards.

37. Take a cooking class.

38. Go to a NHL game.

39. Visit a state I’ve never been to before

40. Get a facial

41. Find the perfect little black dress

42. Be employed full-time (June 2015)

43. Set up long-term financial plans

44. Attend three professional conferences.

45. Hold a position in a professional organization.

46. Read twenty-five new books (15/25)

47. Buy something at an antique store (July 2015)

48. Finish watching the movies on AFI’s top 100 list (35/100)

49. Find out my blood type

50. Floss everyday for a month

51. Spend a full day hanging out with my brother

52. Read for thirty minutes every night for one month

53. Start regular donations to Roanoke

54. Find a charity I connect with and donate or volunteer my time

55. Buy a stranger their coffee/toll

56. Edit my blogs into one (December 2014)

57. Blog everyday for a month

58. Master the cat eye liner

59. Attend a black-tie event

60. Write a review or publish a piece in a library journal

61. Write in my one line a day book for at least three months straight

62. Leave 100% tip for good service

63. Figure out my morning routine and time myself

64. Invest in leather riding boots

65. Get a bikini wax

66. Watch a new TED talk once a week for a month (February 2015)

67. Learn to make five classic cocktails

68. Try three new gym classes

69. Attend a Harvard football game

70. Host a dinner party

71. Surprise a friend with a  spontaneous visit

72. Take a road trip where the destination isn’t the purpose

73. Go on a cruise

74. Start learning a new language (German)

75. Finish an audiobook (July 2015)

76. Eat at least two foods I hate

77. Get a blowout-not as part of a haircut, but by itself

78. Get a haircut out of my comfort zone (lob?!) (January 2015)

79. Take a class to learn a new skill

80. Save $5 a week for 12 months to buy a DSLR camera

81. Learn to golf

82. Make 10 recipes from Pinterest (1/10)

83. Go rock climbing

84. Attend a sorority alumni event/meeting

85. Get personalized stationary (January 2015…thanks Colleen!)

86. Go to bed at 10:30pm every night for a week (June 2015)

87. Compile and collect prints for a gallery wall

88. Create a terrarium of succulents

89. Read the Christmas Carol in front of the fireplace on Christmas

90. Wake up at 6am every day for a week (June 2015)

91. Invest in a really nice camel coat

92. Wear a different piece of jewelry every day for a week

93. Send at least 10 surprise care packages to friends and family

94. Learn to knit

95. Cook my way through and entire cookbook

96. Eat at a Michelin restaurant

97. Join a book club (July 2015)

98. Watch the sunrise on the beach

99. Kiss under the mistletoe

100. Establish a weekly blog post series

101. Save a dollar for every thing completed and start my retirement fund. (16/101)

I can’t wait to get started and finally see what I can accomplish!


Becca xoxo


My Favorites: Drugstore Beauty

Some people are lured into the Target bullseye. I’m suckered into CVS.

I college it was the easiest place to go because it was a mile away.


I didn’t have a car until senior year so if I couldn’t walk there without fear of death or breaking a sweat it was too far. I would buy groceries, pick up my prescription, read Bride’s magazines and buy far too many beauty products. I became a drugstore connoisseur  of the obscure, well-known, foreign and domestic.

Drugstores always get a bad rap, but in reality they hide some wonderful gems. I am picky about my makeup and have very sensitive skin, so I usually stick to my tried and true brands. Most of my CVS purchases are skin related.

1. Nivea Creme is the salvation of my dry librarian hands. I use it every night before bed because it can be really greasy, but it is a lifesaver. Also a little goes a long way, so one jar can last for months. That is if your boyfriend, mom, brother, dad, or best friend doesn’t pilfer it.

2. I use the Ardell Brow Shapers for little spots around my eyebrows, but also on my upper-lip. The blight of many dark-haired ladies, I personally found that waxing didn’t work well. This is easy to use at home and does the job fantastically.

3. This was a chance encounter with a coupon and a curiosity about BB cremes. I have used others in the past, but I stick with this as my base. It has SPF 15, is light, gives me great moisture, and they recently re-did the scent and it is heavenly! Sometimes I’ll layer this under another BB cream if I want more coverage, but overall this is my makeup workhorse.

4. If you are skeptical about Bio-Oil don’t be. It is one of the more pricier items on here, but well worth every penny. I use it in the winter when my skin is really dry, on old stretch marks and scars to help soften them. I sometimes use it on my face to help combat redness and even out my skin tone. It is amazing. It really and truly is a great product that can be used in multiple ways.

5. I’m sure some of you are looking at me an wondering if I’ve lost my mind, but give me five seconds. I often don’t have time to put on lotion and wait for it to dry after I shave, but when I don’t use lotion my skin flakes my skin and I have terrible razor burn. I needed something better. My brother left his bottle at home and out of curiosity I tried it. HOLY CROW WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?! I use it on my legs, and underarms, as well as my bikini line. My skin is soft, my shaves last much longer and I’m not in agony over an itchy red rash. Pure magic in a bottle. You might smell like a man for a little bit, but in my opinion there are wore things to smell like.

6. I have some dark spots and scars from various battles with asphalt, mosquitoes, bikes and acne. This is a great fade cream to help me lighten those little discolorations. I also use it on my underarms because I have dark skin there that I’ve always been self-conscious of. It works well, just wash your hands after, or you’ll have white hands!

7. BEST EYE MAKEUP REMOVER EVER. Really. A small bit on a cotton round and I can get both my eyes done in one or two swipes. It’s gentle, safe on my skin and highly effective. CVS also makes a generic brand that works exactly the same. *Hint Hint It takes sharpie X’s off the back of hands, after college frat parties really easy*

8. What can I say about Great Lash that hasn’t been said already. If I don’t do anything else with my eyes, mascara is it. This works great, is a reasonable price for something that I use in multiple coats on a daily basis and the formula rarely changes. I like consistency in my makeup and I appreciate a product that stays the same.

I hope you enjoy some of my recommendations. I always love reading other people’s makeup and beauty reviews because sometimes you stumble upon something wonderful you never even knew you needed! What are some of your favorite drugstore products? Let me know!


xoxo B


I was not compensated for any of these endorsements, the opinions are my own because theses are products I love!

Begin Again

“Come said the leaves to the

wind one day,

Come o’re the meadows and

we will play.

Put on your dresses scarlet and gold,

For summer is gone and

the days grow cold ”

-George Eliot


Sitting in my bedroom on this sweltering Labor Day it doesn’t seem like fall is coming anytime soon, but in New England she is a temperamental mistress. You’ll wake up one morning and find the need for flannel sheets and wool socks happened overnight.

I love fall. It is my favorite season because it means new beginnings. Regardless of whether its first grade or my last semester of grad school the autumn has always brought with it the promise of a fresh start.


And football of course.

This fall seems more like an end for me as I come to the final chapters of grad school and plunge into the job hunt come December. I’ll be swamped with work, tutoring, an internship and two higher level classes. Sometimes I feel extremely overwhelmed. What I have learned over the years is 1) stop saying yes 2) don’t compromise on what is important. It’s a mantra that I have to tell myself everyday, but hopefully one day it will sink in.

I have come up with some nonnegotiables that in the past year I have realized are extremely important to me:

-sleep 7x hours a night

-gym or running 2/3x per week

-1 hour of unplugged “me” time a day

-write/call friends on a regular basis

-leave work at work

-limit schoolwork to weekday (my biggest struggle)

All of these things make me happy, healthy and stress less. It has improved all my relationships and brought me closer to the people I care most about in life. It’s been really hard as a former type-A, straight-laced student to learn that it’s OKAY not to do all of the required reading. To give maybe 95% effort on that project that will get me a good grade, and spend that 5% of time pounding the pavement. Numbers and letters are not defining aspects of a person, but your ethics, hard-work and dedication are.

socks tumblr_msz4grM43a1qflio9o1_400

I’m trying really hard to blog more for me. It’s a journal and an escape, a place to pull together my thoughts, but also the ideas that float around in my head all the time. I want it to be less of an afterthought. So fall is my new beginning to do just that!

xoxo B






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So I’ve been missing from the blog for quite some time, the inspiration has fled and the realities of life have intervened. I saw this cute little update post on All the Small Things, and I decided to fill out my own!

Making:  Layered Caramel Crunch Pops from Cupcakes and Cashmere. They are still setting in the freezer so I have to wait a while to dig in!
Cooking: Nothing as of yet, but my lovely boyfriend got me a KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday (how did I get so lucky?!) and I have plenty of recipes in mind!
Drinking: Cucumber & Lemon water-it’s delicious and great in this heat.
Reading: Somerset by Leila Meacham
Wanting: a tunic dress
Looking: at homes I could never afford on Zillow
Playing: Smarty Pins by Google….so addictive!
Wasting: time (on Pinterest and the vast darkness of the inter web…)
Wishing: I had AC…I’m dying in this heat.
Enjoying: all the benefits of summer, especially eating outside
Waiting: for my trip to Charlotte in August! I finally get to see my best friend after WAY too long!
Liking: everything red, white and blue
Loving: red wine sangria
Hoping: I can find a steady, good, enjoyable job after graduation
Needing: more sleep…always
Smelling: the hazelnut coffee I’m brewing for iced coffee
Wearing: Shorts and a sports bra as often as socially acceptable. My parent’s house is VERY hot
Noticing: my skin getting darker
Knowing: grad school is almost done!
Thinking: about my future
Feeling: contented, but anxious for the next step in my life
Opening: my computer less, and books more


My beautiful weekend at the beach!

xoxo B


What I’m Loving-Series

At first I was going to post this on my library blog, but to be honest I’m trying to keep it exclusively for school. Right now I need a healthy school/personal life separation, even if that means starting small.

I’m trying to read more. Which  coming out of a librarian’s mouth is hilarious. When I do read, it’s typically children’s books. My dream is to become a children’s librarian, and I eat up (figuratively speaking) every single kids book that comes across my lap.

So I decided to start doing a series of lists about the kid’s books I love.

To start us off, my favorite series!

PicMonkey Collage

Ladybug Girl by Jackie Davis

I love this series based on Lulu, aka Ladybug Girl. The drawing of the character reminds me of myself and one of my sorority’s symbols was a ladybug. She is precocious, loving, independent, but still has a lot to learn. Her books also happen to be glittery! I’m starting to like this girl series better than Fancy Nancy and Eloise (although I will always love them!) because she is very real and down to earth. If you know of any spunky little girls in your life, I suggest picking this one, or any of the other great titles in this series!

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Bear Snores On is just one of a handful of books by this author featuring the lovable Bear and his friends. All of the stories have a message and are great for younger children. With themes such as new friends, sickness, and being scared, these book are great for the young learner. I have a soft spot for books with animal characters (as you can tell, only one of my favorites has a human character) and the way Bear is illustrated makes him come alive with warmth and friendship.

Duck & Goose by Tad Hills

Again, animals. What can I say?! They are too cute for words. Duck & Goose is great because it is based  on the often times tenuous friendship between two polar opposites. This is another book that is great for younger readers, or to be read to young children. Simple, bright illustrations make these lovable friends any great addition to your bookshelf and there are plenty to choose from!

Olivia by Ian Falconer

Olivia is a combination between Eloise, and Fancy Nancy all rolled up in a pig. She is a big dreamer, who happens to be a sassy piggie. She loves being different and standing out, her family and travel. Olivia has been made into a huge franchise so there is no shortage of Olivia swag and books to add to any young child’s room.

Toot & Puddle by Holly Hoobie

The illustrations really are what made me fall in love with this series (which also happens to now be a TV show). I also LOVE pigs. They are more adorable in print than real life though. This series follows two best friends, Toot and Puddle during their adventures inside and out of their home Woodcock Pocket. They have two differing personalities, the homebody and adventurer, with an adorable niece Opal who makes some appearances and stars in books all her own. I love their friendship which is very real and loving, as well as Holly Hobbie’s nod to New England and the beautiful change of seasons around us.

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo B

Gin and Bear It

When it comes to cocktails, I am usually a simple girl. Gin & Tonics are my go-to, sometimes whiskey or an old-fashioned. I usually try an err on the less is more philosophy, especially at a bar. You never know how good a bartender is, and the more ingredients, the more room for error. I feel like I’m in a rut though and my Pinterest has been flooded with some delicious looking spring recipes that I want to try. What better way to welcome Spring than with a new cocktail!

Here are some of my favorites

// 1 // 2 // 3 //

// 4 // 5 // 6 //

// 7 // 8 // 9 //

While some are a bit labor intensive, others are extremely simple. I stuck to some of my favorite liquors gin and bourbon, but there are some new ones in the mix that look too pretty not to try!

xoxo B

Tech Envy

So I have had my iPhone 4 for a very long time. I passed over the 4s upgrade thinking that a 5 would come out and I would want it. And I do. I’m just lazy and don’t want to go to the Apple store, and I keep spending my money on clothes that I forget about the phone. I hasn’t really bothered me until I went to go look for a new case for my phone. IT IS SO HARD! I can’t find any cases that fit 4/4s that I like. They are all either super bling-ed out or not pretty. Which sounds weird, but I like my phone cases to be functional AND pretty. They are a reflection of my style just as much as my shoes, or bag so I want them to reflect me. Of course everyone is transitioning to the 5 and I will probably have to succumb sooner or later. So I found some cute cases online in preparation for that moment. Whenever it may be.


Literary Glasses-Kate Spade New York



Nautical Rope & Anchor Monogram-Zazzle



Tortoise Shell-Tickled Seahorse

(AND you can add a monogram!)


Camel Brown-J.Crew Factory

(this image is from the regular J.Crew, but they are virtually the same)


Men’s Leather Case-J.Crew

(who said boys things are just for boys?!)


Girls in Glasses-Pencil Shavings Studio: Etsy


Crystal Agate-Julia Kostreva 

Which is your favorite?!

xoxo B

Sunday in Quotations

So here we are again! Back to the usual (somewhat) scheduling of my blog!


So I really started to feel this quote the week my brother came home from spring break. Everything he talked about regarding college seemed so foreign and far away. As if it had been another world, not just in May that I graduated. The worst part came when I went back to my alma mater for MY spring break from grad school. It was weird to say the least. I walked into our commons and felt like I knew no one. I looked at the girls sitting at my sorority’s table and half of them I know only through social media stalking. I felt as if my life had all of a sudden jumped lightyears ahead of theirs instead of less than a year. It reminded me that it’s not the places that change, but YOU who changes. It’s not necessarily growing old, but growing into one’s self. I feel the older and older I get, the more I become the person I imagined myself being and that aging is a GOOD thing, not something to be feared.

xoxo B